Town, nestled in the heart of Sredna Gora

The historical town of Koprivshtica is located at 1060 m above sea level in the picturesque valley of the river Topolka, surrounded by the highest summits of the Sredna Gora.

The town was founded as the Ottoman Empire was invading Bulgaria in the XIV century. The first settlers in Koprivshtica were the Bolyars from Turnovo, villagers from Rila, and Albanians, Karakachans and Macedonians, all running from the invading Turks.

These first settlers made their living from cattle raising, the making of handicrafts, and international trading. Due to these very significant sources of revenue, Koprivshtica quickly became know as a settlement of good and prosperous tradesman. The town’s great growth and prosperity exalted itself in the architecture of the town. The houses were built with rich and beautifully decorated wall paintings, and French fashioned wood carvings on the ceilings, on the doors and on the chests.

Koprivshtica was the center of enlightenment during the Bulgarian Renaissance. Here, in 1846 was open the first class school in Bulgaria.

An astounding number of renowned Bulgarians – authors, poets, revolutionaries and politicians – have come forth from the small mountain village of Koprivshtica.

In 1876 Koprivshtica became the cradle of the April uprising which sparked the revolution against the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Every house and street tells the story of the heroic past of the remarkable revolutionaries that once inhabited the town.

In 1952, Koprivshtica was declared a museum-town. In 1971, a historical reserve, and in 1978 a national architectural reserve.

Having preserved its authentic appearance and a unique Bulgarian spirit, Koprivshtica is today a cultural, historical and architectural reserve. It is one of the towns of significance in Bulgaria’s historical legacy, which determine the Bulgarian nation’s identity. By getting to know its cultural and historical heritage, you are getting in touch with the Bulgarian’s way of life and spirituality.

Scenes of country life

Every usual day of the inhabitants of Koprivshtica is a charm and romance for its visitors. Early in the morning you wake up with the voice of the rooster. Your breakfast is prepared by a skilful housewife, with local products. While walking you meet horse charts with people going for their every day country work. While ducks are bathing in Topolnitsa river and playful goats run to and fro on the green meadows. In the evening you see cows, coming back home from pasture.

Bulgaria sings in Koprivshtica

The magic of the authentic Bulgarian song anchants Koprivshtica every five years.

The first national folk festival was held in 1965. Since then, in August, at the green meadows of “Voyvodovets”, nine festivals have been held. Three days long folk dances and songs may be seen and heard even at night.

The national folk festival is a festivity for the Bulgarian spirit, traditions and art. More and more performers from all over Bulgaria come to Koprivshtica for every festival.

The magic of the folk festival in Koprivshtica keeps attracting new lovers of the Bulgarian national art.