The hotel

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Hotel “Gozbarov’s house”
The old “Gozbarov’s house” was built in 1832 and adapted as a hotel in 2006. The house is situated in the most picturesque part of the town – “Lambovska” neighborhood which is called also “Kokon” neighborhood. The word “kokona” means “coquette”.  Now the house is hotel which keeps cordiality and fascination of old Kprivshtitsa’s home with colored, decorated walls, atmosphere of old-time and hospitable hosts. There is a good tavern with national food.
Museums of Koprvshtitsa give us to touch the sacred place of Bulgarian history.

It’s easy to come in Koprivshtitsa and feel the unique spirit of the city – it’s 100 km. away from Sofia and 80 km. away from Plovdiv. Learn more about the accommodation here.